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Established in 2011, Conventus Law is a digital media platform providing legal-focused content to business leaders and lawyers.

We believe lawyers have the ability to add more value to their clients beyond legal services. We want the market to value lawyers as strategic business partners as well as trusted legal advisors.

Conventus Law works with law firms to achieve their business development and retention goals. We do this by helping them build strong, professional connections through technology innovation, podcasting, videos, social media, thought leadership content, and other media activities.

Our team of is staffed by qualified lawyers, legal journalists, and industry professionals with decades of combined experience. Today our platform has over25,000 members and over 1 million page visits every year.

​​Whatever you want, Leaman Crellin has it covered. And if we haven't,contact them and they'll create what you need.

Compliance in a click

​Whatever your compliance needs, we’re confident you’ll find what you want in our shop.

That’s because we’ve been in your shoes, or helped people like you during our 30 years working with, and as, ex-regulators, ex-compliance officers and ex-client facing. You could say we’ve been there, done it, and got the T-shirt.

We want to make your life easier, offering you our three decades of expertise at the click of a button or two.

As former compliance practitioners and regulators, we’ve shown plenty of businesses like yours how to comply with a wide range of rules, helping people just like you explain compliance to colleagues who don’t know the jargon and are put off by it. Our digital downloads avoid theory and focus on giving you practical help.

Advice in a click

​Short focussed review? We've got it covered. Need an SME on the end oft he line? We are here to help. ​

Sometimes things need a short sharp focus to get the job done. We are all about that flexible experienced extra pair of hands that understands you just need a little support from time to time.

Mondo Visione is the leading source of insight and knowledge about the world’s exchanges and trading venues. Since 1991, Mondo Visione has provided those who operate and invest in the global markets with fast, reliable information, delivered in print and online. The company also organises conferences and events where market professionals can share ideas and experience with their peers, regulators, system providers, academics and journalists.

Mondo Visione publishes the industry-standard Handbook of World Stock, Derivative and Commodity Exchanges, which provides trading, settlement and organisational information for around 250 exchanges in over 100 countries. The handbook is produced annually and is available in hardcopy and online.

World Exchanges: Global Industry Outlook and Investment Analysis is a quarterly investment analysis of the listed exchanges sector and 18 of the leading publicly-owned exchanges from around the world.

Mondo Visione also publishes Trading Places, a monthly digest of news and comment about the global exchange industry, and together with FTSE Group owns and publishes the FTSE/Mondo Visione Exchanges Index, which tracks the stock market performance of listed exchanges.

Red Links Logo

The Red Links Sustainability Consortium is a Hong Kong-based company involving a network of some of the most experienced financially-minded sustainability and business professionals that provide a broad range of bespoke sustainability offerings.

While our collective capabilities and experience in serving many preeminent brands across a range of sectors (including issuers that are leaders in their fields as well as ESG newcomers that are taking first steps) means that we can support in many topics, we have built the team to serve two inter-related areas of focus: investment and ESG, and climate/TCFD.

We help clients comply with regulator climate/ESG requirements, improve disclosures and engagement with investors, help board members better understand where ESG/climate shows up in their businesses, and more.